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Service menu about visa and status of residence

If you are a foreigner and you want to stay in Japan, you must get a visa and a status of residence.

The visa is necessary to entering Japan.

The status of residence is necessary to work, to learn, to live in Japan. And it is divided into 33 kinds depending on the purpose and activity contents.

We will support your acquisition, changing and extension of your status of residence.

What is acquisition of status of residence

If you get a status of residence, you have authorization of resident eligibility. It is a document proving that the Minister of Justice of Japan has been certified. It indicates that your purpose of entering Japan falls under any of the status of residence stipulated in the Immigration Control Act.

What is changing status of residence

When trying to conduct activities that fall under a different status of residence, you must apply for a different status of residence. If you changing, you must already have a status of residence.

What is extension of status of residence

If you already have a status of residence close to end date and want to stay more, you should apply for extension your status of residence.

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For working in Japan
  • Highly Skilled Professional

  • Diplomat

  • Official

  • Professor

  • Artist

  • Religious Activities

  • Journalist

  • Business Manager

  • ​Legal / Accounting Services

For learning in Japan
  • Cultural Activities

  • Student

  • Trainee

Naturalization application
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